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Let’s not apply yesterday’s answers to tomorrow’s questions! Pluto in Aquarius is a different beast than Pluto in Capricorn. How will its effects as it transits around our charts be different from what we have grown accustomed to experiencing over the past sixteen years? We’ve all gotten used to Pluto’s Capricorn face. The times are changing. In this half-day workshop, Steven will introduce this “new Pluto”, then illuminate its impact as it moves through aspects, both to your natal planets and to the houses of your chart.

We will pay special attention to this newly-emerging Aquarian Pluto’s relationship to your natal Pluto placement. People born with Pluto in Scorpio will be facing their Pluto Squares. “Baby Boomers”, with Pluto in Leo, will be among the first generation of humans to live long enough for the majority of them to experience the rare Pluto Opposition.

As ever, our evolutionary orientation will be toward counseling ourselves and our clients in a spirit of respect for the life-shaping power of freedom, conscious choice, and imagination. We will also make time to welcome questions about Pluto’s impact on the individual charts of class members.

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