Astro-Bash 2023 Recordings


Astro-Bash 2023   23-Recordings


Astro-Bash 2023   23-Recordings

Maurice Fernandez: Love, Sexuality, and Spirituality: An Evolutionary Perspective
Kay Taylor: Destination R/Evolution
Cameron Allen: Psychosomatic Aspects of Astrology
Lynn Bell: Why is Mars a Relationship Planet?
Thea Wirsching: Ceres and Our Relationship to Food
Vernon Robinson: Echoes Thru Time: The Astrological Symbolism of the First Slave Ship Chart in the United States
Marina Ormes: Cycles of Healing: Astrology as a Holistic Healing Modality
Stan Posey: The Galactic Center as an Initiation path of True Self.
Ralph MacIntyre: Astro-Mapping Past Life Memories
Ralph MacIntyre: My Friend Pluto
Sheri Horn Hassan: The U.S. 2024 Chiron Return, Presidential Election, & Fight for Women’s Equality in America
Venesse Guy: Astrology and the Art of Perception: A New Lens to Your Parallel Universe
Sabrina Monarch: Leo & the Evolution of Alternate Realities
Catie Cadge: Moving Chiron and Eris: Never the Twain Shall Meet?
Shelly Hines: The Voice of the Feminine Divine via Asteroid 318 – Magdalena
Amy Hageman: Serving your Clients & Growing your Business – How to Create & Utilize Collaborative Partnerships
Dawn Connelly: Finding Touchstones and Meditation Practices in An Astrological Chart
Celeste Brooks: Moon Phase Families
Ricky Williams: Astrology as a Mirror
Carrie Johnson: The Native American Ghost Dance Movement Revisited: American Eclipses Past and Present
Chad Woodward: Consciously Optimizing the Saturn-Neptune Conjunction (2024-2027)
Steven Forrest: REMEMBER TO LOOK UP!
Speaker Panel: Maurice Fernandez, Kay Taylor, Cameron Allen, Lynn Bell


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